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For Mother’s Day, we asked readers to submit their photos of their mare and foal, in celebration of our amazing equine athletes who are also amazing equine moms!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who submitted pictures for this contest!  You all have beautiful, special horses, and as someone who has owned a mommy-athlete, I can relate to the great joy and pride you feel for them and all they do for you, and their foals.

Peruvian Pasos “Sedona” and new filly, “Aurora”

Our contest winner is owner Kelly Powers, her Peruvian Paso mare “KLP Sedona” (Sedona), and new filly, “Aurora“.  Congratulations Kelly- Equus Athletics hopes you enjoy your new adorable halter on your even more adorable filly!

So what made this trio stick out to us?

Kelly can trace her love of the Peruvian Paso all the way back to the 1930’s, when her great-great-uncle had the first two Peruvians in the U.S!  Her family bred, raised and trained their own small herd of Peruvians under the ranch name Pasos de Oro, and Kelly continues embracing their history today with her ranch, Phenom Farms.  

Kelly is also currently ranked the #3 rider by points with the North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA).  With credentials like this, she is no stranger to to spotting a champion equine athlete! 

“Sedona”, showing off her smooth style

Kelly says of Sedona, “I try not to brag ever, but this mare deserves it!  I love, love, love, my mare!  From trail, to midnight bareback gallops, to a safe children’s mount, and even to carrying me to a Champion of Champion Performance win, she can do it all!  And now, she has produced an incredible filly for me, Aurora (sired by MCD Coronado+)”.  

Kelly says that what makes Sedona so special  to her is her noble, ever-willing attitude and her incredible intelligence.  Kelly describes Sedona as having a butter smooth seat and mouth, making her a tremendous competitor and an extreme pleasure to ride!  With Sedona’s list of show titles, it’s no wonder Kelly is one proud mama herself!

Kelly has high hopes her little pint-sized princess Aurora will be every ounce of the incredible, intelligent, hard working, and beautiful mare Sedona is, and after hearing Kelly and Sedona’s story, I have no doubt her hopes will be nothing short of reality. 

Congrats, girls!


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  1. Peruvian Paso’s are beautiful creatures! I bet Phenom Farms is a majestic place, I’ve visited that area and it’s definitely some peaceful, beautiful country.

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