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Frieda Bruck

I have found the EQUISTIX to be a wonderful way to help my older, somewhat insulin resistant, TWH become comfortable. There are spots I need to be very gentle with it–and part of his body where he leans into the massage–licking, chewing and yawning repeatedly. Thanks for creating this excellent product!

Anna Blake

Barbara, thank you! The Equistix arrived as I was teaching a lesson. I unpacked it and tried it on Andante, a draft cross in full tack. Both his hind end (you understand) and I want to thank you so much. I wasn’t sure when I opened it, but he let me know what to think. It’s wonderful.

Meghan Drysdale

I own multiple horses, and they all have benefited from the Equistix. One of my horses is extremely nervous, and I would have never thought I could get her to tolerate it, let alone enjoy it! Once she let me use it on her, she loved it! She was leaning into it and was really enjoying it. She had a tight spot at the base of her neck- it was a cold day and she gets tight muscles at times. I got the right area out by going back and forth and it made a huge difference! She was much more supple the next day. I would recommend the Equistix to everyone- it has made a large difference in all of my horses! It is similar to that of a roller that an athlete would use on themselves, but since it has individual rollers, I found it works better because it can curve around the muscle to a certain point, making it easier to use. It is an amazing tool!!

Michael J Lee

I just received my Equistix. My horse has foot problems which has caused bulges in her neck from compensating for her walking with sore feet. I just started using this valuable tool and she loves it already as it massages her neck and whole body. Her facial expressions give a good indication of her mood and for the whole process she just stood with her neck out and lip curled …. Now the average horseman can massage their own horse, a valuable tool for any barn !

Lyneen Colvin

Just received my Equistix & it’s better than the videos. I tried it on our Dalmatian & she loved it. Can’t wait to give it a go on the horses later.

Barb Flouro

The EQUISTIX is a perfect tool to use with Joint Yoga, especially before or after a workout session. The Nature’s Edge horses are all loving it!!

Valerie Pierzina, C.E.S.M.T.

The EquiStix Equine Sports Massage Tool is what I turn to for pre-event massages where it is of utmost importance to increase circulation efficiently and effectively. And, when combined with trigger point therapy, I also use the tool in post-event massage to relax and return muscles to their natural state.

Marcia Triggs

My horse Sugar is a “mush-pot” and loves being groomed and fussed over, but she absolutely loves these massages with her EquiStix. Anything she likes, I like – it’s fun to make her happy.

Erica Winnestorfer

Thank you so much, and may I say, it’s been forever since I’ve gotten a handwritten thank you note with an online order! You guys are the best, I can’t wait to order from you again. Merry Christmas!

Maria Nixon

I would just like to thank you for your excellent customer service.  You are obviously a company who cares about their customers and I really appreciated the extra efforts of your team.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to others or to order from you in the future.  Thank you again.

Gail Bentzon

Everyone at our barn is very impressed with Equistix. Miss Daisy is in love. She has to rub her lips and nose on it before my daughter Maaike begins. It is very funny to watch. When Maaike does her back, she drops her head, and her lips look like an Elephant Seal! This is a horse that does not like a lot of touching. Maaike is one of the few people Daisy allows to touch her. I think we are making good progress teaching Daisy that touching can be a good thing and the EquiStix has been a huge help. Thank You!

Terri Foley

I just wanted to let you know that I love EquiStix! One of my clients showed me your product and I immediately ordered one. I am a certified equine massage therapist. With Equistix I can show my clients how to take care of their horse in between sessions. This is a wonderful product!

Sharon Lamm

My new paint horse has been touchy all over his back, but after using EquiStix, he is now very comfortable! He loves it! Thank you so much for this product! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Corey Chesler

First, thank you for the quick delivery! The product right out of the box has a great quality feel to it, and the attention to detail like the hanging strap and logo embossed on the handles is a nice touch, as well as the custom box. Being in Minnesota with horses having full winter coats, I thought I might run into an issue with the hair length, but that was not an issue. We are very excited about this product! Thank you again!

Kaaren Smith

I purchased EquiStix, and my quarter horse, Mac, is certainly enjoying the massages. He seems to just relax and he lets out little sighs, as if he is feeling relief and basking in the attention! He stands still and lets me go at it, liking his knew routine. I am using it in conjunction with his CranioSacral therapy treatments and he is improving! I am hoping to be able to trail ride again soon. Mac is nineteen and a former team penning/sorting horse. He was worked very hard in his younger years before I met/bought him and I am happy to make him more comfortable in his older age, as he has given me many happy hours trail riding. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Mary Rathbun

Thank you so much….I got your product TODAY…wow, speedy, efficient, personal service!! …What great CS you have!

Donna Graham-Dykes

Thank you for designing this great product! It is so much easier than massaging. With Equistix I can give them a pre-work warm up and post-work cool down so conveniently! I even find myself grabbing it whenever I enter the barn to check on them. They ALWAYS walk toward me now! it’s like a non-caloric treat and a great bonding agent in one!

Gwen Bernardo

As a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, I recommend EquiStix to my clients who want the benefits of daily massage. The horses of my clients that use EquiStix regularly are able to transition to a maintenance program earlier than the ones who don’t. The EquiStix horses are easier to work on and require much less ‘fixing’. There are other options out there, but for the price, practicality, and effectiveness, EquiStix is the way to go.

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