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A More Flexible Horse – A More Comfortable Horse – A More Willing Horse

We all know what happens with hard work. We get tight and sore muscles, which are are uncomfortable at best, and also affect our performance. What about our horses? They work as hard as we do and they do it with us on their backs. They are real athletes on our team. EQUISTIX® can help to keep them comfortable and improve their performance.

It’s not always rigorous work or competition that affects our horses’ comfort. Sometimes it’s caused by being stall-bound, whether from illness or during bad weather. Whatever the cause, massaging your horse with EQUISTIX® gives them much needed relief.

As with human athletes, a horse’s flexibility is essential for progressive development in speed, agility, control, strength, and endurance. You both put a lot of work into training, so use EQUISTIX® as part of your regular routine to increase your horse’s flexibility. Keep today’s progress and prepare for tomorrow’s.

Unrestricted blood flow is vital for full muscle recovery. Tight muscles restrict blood flow that hinders repair. By relaxing these muscles, EQUISTIX® increases circulation to aid tissue repair, enhance muscle growth, and maximize your horse’s performance and, of course, comfort.

For the Care and Comfort of Your Horse

EQUISTIX® is safe and effective tool that gives your horse the benefits of massage. These benefits include relaxing stiff and knotted muscles, relieving soreness and increasing blood flow, to promote flexibility and overall muscle health.

If you use a professional Equine Massage Therapist or Equine Chiropractor, then massaging your horse with EQUISTIX® is an effective way to maintain and extend the benefits between sessions.

EQUISTIX® can be easily packed so you can bring the benefits of massage anywhere you go! It is a healthy addition to your supplies for a busy competition weekend to keep your horse limber and relaxed between events. Put it in your trailer so you can relax your horse after a day’s trail ride.

Your horse will love it! EQUISTIX® is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between you and your horse.

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