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Meet Maeve...

. . . she’s the inspiration for our interest in EQUISTIX® and Equus Athletics. Maeve is a petite powerhouse with a personality that far exceeds her size. As a PMU foal, her mother was most likely a draft horse and her father a quarter horse. While she’s incredibly strong and athletic, her conformation leaves her susceptible to stiff and sore muscles.

One day as our equine chiropractor, Dr. Beth Bowman, worked on Maeve, she brought out an EQUISTIX and began relaxing a knot in Maeve’s neck. With the EQUISTIX® massage tool, she relaxed the knot and made Maeve more comfortable. We were sold! It worked so well that we wanted one for ourselves and went looking for an EQUISTIX® and found it was out of stock.

Equus Athletics LLC

In 2011, Alexis White founded Equus Athletics in San Diego, CA.  Alexis went looking for a way to soothe her horse’s sore muscles. Certainly, since there are sports medicine products for human athletes, there must be something for horses.

Alas, there were none, so she set out to invent her own. After a great deal of testing and development, she created EQUISTIX®, an innovative, professional quality sports massage tool for horses. That was the beginning of Equus Athletics.

Over time and with a new family and two young children, Alexis found her attention was understandably being drawn away from the business. We saw the benefits of EQUISTIX® and loved the product so much that we become the new owners of Equus Athletics LLC.

So here we are

We’re Barbara and Vinnie Piucci, equestrians and all-around horse lovers, who live and ride in the lovely woods of central Massachusetts.  When the winter snow piles high in New England and the wind is bitter cold, our horses can’t always get the exercise they need and we look for ways to keep them comfortable. Whether from hard work or idle times, consistent use of EQUISTIX® just plain works to keep our horses comfortable, flexible and happy. We provide the best possible care for our horses, and know that if we treat our horses well, they’ll treat us well.

Barbara and Maeve, aka Miss Perfect  

Why we do it

If you are reading this, you probably love horses as much as we do. Although we enjoy every minute of it, it’s not always easy. For equestrians, there are days when we’re covered in dirt and muck, our muscles ache, our ribs are bruised and our hands are scraped.  We get kicked, bucked, dragged, and stepped on. And yet, we get back up, dust ourselves off and do it all again.

It’s because as a human-horse equestrian team we are strong and we are athletes. Our horses are true partners that give us 100% every time, every ride. They run, jump, slide, cut, scramble over logs, rocks and anything else that gets in the way. They do it because we’re a team. They do it with us on their backs! This is the ultimate team sport.

At Equus Athletics, we want you and your equine athlete to look, feel, and perform better; by integrating horsemanship, the timeless sport of riding and the innovations of modern sports medicine.

Besides our passion for horses, we are passionate about serving our customers and pride ourselves on fast shipping, quality products, and personalized service. Give us a ring, shoot us an email, or message us on Facebook any time! We’d love to hear from you.

Vinnie and the Marvelous Maeve

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