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One of my dearest friends gave birth to a healthy baby boy early this morning!  And, as everyone eagerly awaited to hear the little one’s name, it got me to thinking, “what’s in a name”?

Are you an expecting equestrian with a sweet little baby (of the human variety) on the way?  And are you still trying to settle on the perfect name?  Well you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve researched and constructed this awesome list of baby names related to horses and horsemanship, so you can show the world just how much horses are truly a part of who you are. We’d love to hear of more names too, so if you know of any, please add them in the comments!

Let’s start with the boys’ names:

Philip – Let’s get as literal as possible here. Philip is a boy’s name derived from the Greek Name Phillipos, which means “friend of horses” or “horse lover” depending on who you ask. Philip is the 406th most popular name in the United States. Philip is one of the 12 apostles in the Bible and was the name of five kings of Macedonia, five kings of Spain, and six kings of France. Popular variant forms: Felipe, Felipo, Filippo, Phil, Philipp, Philippe, Philips, and Phillip.

Colt– Well, not much explanation needed here – a colt IS a baby boy horse!  A fun name with western flair and masculine presence, Colt and the popular variant Colton are both great choices for the horse lover!

Marshall – A boy’s name derived from a surname which denoted a person who was a marshal, shoe smith, or horse servant. Marshal derives originally from Germanic marah “horse” and scalc “servant.”  The name may be well known these days perhaps from the TV comedy “How I Met Your Mother” staring Jason Segel, who plays the loyal and loving Marshall Eriksen.

Roan – If you’re looking for a unique name, Roan fits the bill. Roan is a term to describe a horse’s coat color pattern characterized by an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the horse’s body. Roan has a strong, masculine sound to it and is someone I’d like to ride the trail with. It’s a variant of Rowan (Gaelic), and it means “little red-head.” Roan Barbary was the name of King Richard II’s favorite horse.

Ryder – This name’s meaning might be obvious, but we really like this name, none the less!  Personally, we also know a Ryder who is a kind, good guy, and that makes us love it even more! The name is of English origin and means “knight”, “mounted warrior”, or “one who rides.” Doesn’t get any better than that for a horse lover’s name, does it? 108th most popular boy name in the U.S.  Variation: Rider

Now on to the girls’ names for horse lovers:

Pippa- Made popular recently thanks to Pippa Middleton, Duchess Kate Middleton’s striking younger sister, Pippa is a girl’s name short for (or derived from) Philippa.  Philippa is – you guessed it – the female version of Philip, and has the same meaning.  This cute name is both horse savvy, and right on trend!

Rhiannon– She was the Welsh horse goddess, described as dressed in shining gold and riding a pale horse.  And what little girl wouldn’t want to be a goddess of horses astride her very own palomino mount?  “Rhiannon” was also made popular by the haunting song with the same name by Fleetwood Mac, sung by Stevie Nicks.  Consider the softer derivatives Rhianna, or Rhianne.

Rosalind – A girl’s name meaning “gentle horse,” derived from the Germanic elements hros “horse” and linde “soft, tender.” A timeless, classic name, other popular variant forms include Rosaline, Rosalin, Rosalyn, Rosalynne, Roselyn, Roslyn, Rose, and Rosie.

Elizabeth – The name Elizabeth is a worthy name for a future equestrian due to its historical significance. Three famous women that played a role in horse history are Elisabeth of Bavaria, Elizabeth Arden, and Queen Elizabeth II. (Learn more about these lovely Liz’s at Elizabeth is currently the 11th most popular female baby name in the U.S. Popular variant forms: (Elisabeth, Beth, Lisabeth, and 149 more).

Whatever name you chose – related to horses or not – congratulations on your little bundle!  We wish you lots of love, treasured memories, and hope that horses becomes a shared passion between you and your little one for a life time.

Have names you think we should add to the list? Please add them to the comments!

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  1. Great write up, love all the baby name ideas for future equestrians! Might as well set the little bebitos up to be horsemen and women from the get-go 🙂

  2. Ryder and Rhiannon are my favorites, great list Alexis! I’ll be presenting this baby name list to my husband for consideration for our bump.

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