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As the work week winds down, many of us (including me!) start getting that weekend itch right about Thursday!  Something about knowing that tomorrow is Friday makes me feel like celebrating; Happy Hour, Anyone?! 

But let’s not forget about our hard working Equine Athletes who have also been feeling the daily grind!  Did you know that many trainers and breeders treat their horses to a refreshing brew after a hard days work??!  It’s true!

Specifically, Guinness is the frosty ferment of choice for many trainers, who swear by the health properties that this Irish stout has to offer.  Even famous Equine Athletes, like the “Queen of Racing”, Zenyatta, indulge!

Take a look at this little article written by a fellow blogger – Equine Progressive – about Equine Athletes who not only enjoy a little happy hour, but seemingly reap performance benefits as well!

Remember, enjoy responsibly… and bottoms up!

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