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“EQUISTIX® is his favorite thing in the world.”

“EQUISTIX® is magical”, Brenna went on to explain that consistent EQUISTIX® massage has brought a level of calm and riding that had been impossible to achieve with her senior horse.

Brenna first saw EQUISTIX® at the SmartPak retail store in Natick, MA. She’s always looking for tools to keep her horse well and has tried everything. She was skeptical that her finicky Zeus would allow EQUISTIX® near him since he doesn’t even like to be brushed. She decided to give it a try when she had a demonstration and it felt so good on her own back.

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Zeus, owner Brenna Morton and Deborah Crane, CESMT

Brenna’s father brought Zeus home 17 years ago when she was seven years old. The vet told her father not to let Brenna get too attached to him. Zeus was 400 pounds underweight.

Fast forward 17 years and he and Brenna are still together. At 25, she’d like to let him gracefully retire, but he won’t have any of that. Exercising is what keeps his head together. Brenna’s friend, Stephanie, rides him several times a week at a walk trot around the 50-acre farm.

Windswept Farm in Warren, RI

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Windswept Farm, the home to the Brown University Varsity Equestrian Team and the Windswept Farm IEA Team. We were there to meet Zeus, a 25-year-old OTTB owned by Brenna Morton.  Brenna is the Assistant Coach for the Brown University team and Head Coach of the IEA team.

Equine Sports Therapies LLC

Deborah Crane, CESMT and Reiki Master, has been treating Zeus for some time. She was working with Zeus and several other horses that day. As she did a gentle EQUISTIX® massage along his top line, she explained that EQUISTIX® was releasing many acupressure points as well tension in the muscles.

Over the years, Brenna has noticed some muscle atrophy of his left side and EQUISTIX® allows Brenna and Stephanie to keep blood flowing to those areas in between Deb’s sessions with Zeus.

About EQUISTIX® Equine Sports Massage Tool

As the EQUSITIX® rollout continued, Zeus’ eyes closed, and his head got lower and lower. “It’s his pacifier”, Brenna said referring to the EQUISTIX® massage that he gets about 6 days a week. She went on to say that an EQUISTIX® rollout is the thing that keeps him together.

Thank you to Zeus, Brenna and Deb. Zeus is a lucky horse; surrounded people who care for him, enjoy his company and love him deeply. We’re lucky to have met you all and appreciate the chance to visit you at Windswept Farm.

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You can visit us at the EQUISTIX® Booth 1321 in the Young Building at the Equine Affaire in W. Springfield, MA November 8 – 11, 2018 for a demonstration.

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