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Today, I stumbled on a twitter post by a fellow Monty Roberts fan. She posted a link to a very cool blog that Monty had written, titled: Eat Like a Horse and Live Better. I thought this was an extremely interesting and insightful blog. Although not related to training and horemanship exactly, I felt like this was so very in line with his philosophies on those matters; progressive, insightful, and surprisingly, so simple. You have to be willing to change, adapt, and open you mind to new things in order to grow. As soon as we start thinking that we know everything, we prove that we really know nothing. Such is the process of being a true horseman.

Monty’s blog details his health choice – nay, need – to lose weight. While I am certainly not advocating that everyone make the extreme diet changes that he did, or even that you lose weight, (nor is he advocating those either) the message is a simple and inspiring one about making healthy life choices, loving yourself, and loving your horse. Keeping yourself healthy is one element to keeping your horse healthy and happy as well. As Monty points out in this blog post, “The horses that I ride now, and I certainly ride more than I did, like me better and perform far more generously than when they carried that extra 75 or 80 pounds”. Again, while not advocating that weight loss is the answer to you or your horses needs, as a woman all too familiar with battling those pesky saddle bags (and I don’t mean the trail-riding type!) I felt that Monty’s post really hit home. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and take from it what you will. Eat Like a Horse and Live Better

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