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This is Maeve from Equus Athletics

…the inspiration for our interest in Equus Athletics. As a PMU foal, her mother was most likely a draft horse and her father a quarter horse. While she’s incredibly strong and athletic, her conformation leaves her susceptible to stiff and sore muscles.

One day when Dr. Beth, our equine chiropractor, worked on Maeve, she took out an EquiStix and began relaxing the knot in Maeve’s neck. We saw how the EquiStix massage tool relaxed that knot and made her more comfortable. We immediately wanted one to use between Maeve’s bodywork visits, went looking and found EquiStix to be out of stock.

We contacted Alexis White, the inventor of EquiStix and founder of Equus Athletics. With a new family and two young children, her attention was understandably being drawn away from the business. We saw the benefits of EquiStix and loved the product so much that we worked with Alexis to become the new owners of Equus Athletics.

So here we are. We are Barbara and Vinnie Piucci, equestrians and all-around horse lovers. We live and trail ride in the lovely woods of central Massachusetts. We are excited to be embarking on this new venture with Equus Athletics, and thank Alexis for creating EquiStix.

EquiStix is back in production and back in stock. Check out our website at

We’ll also tell you more about Maeve, whose personality far exceeds her size. Thanks for reading, and come back often.

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