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There are days when the only parts of you not covered in dirt are the sweat tracks streaking down your face, days when your muscles ache, your ribs are bruised, and your hands are scraped.  We get kicked, bucked, dragged, and stepped on.  And yet, we get back up, dust ourselves off and do it all again just for the chance to beat our last run, clear one more pole, or nail that flying change.  We are strong.  Every day, we give it our very best.  And through it all, our horse is there, giving us his very best too.

We are athletes unlike any other, facing our challenges in the ultimate team sport.  We are equestrians.  So why shouldn’t you nurture your game just like any other athlete?

I hope that through this blog, every equestrian can discover new products, training tips,  social networks, and other great information to help you and your equine athlete perform better, together.

Visit to see whats new in the world of equestrian sports!

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