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At Equus Athletics, it’s clear that we value the health and physical well being of the Equine Athlete.  But we also try to convey the importance of your health and fitness as an Equestrian Athlete.  After all, the two of you together are a team, and as our company motto suggests, we are all about helping you “Perform Better, Together”. Image

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we frequently post great nutrition facts and exercise tips geared for equestrians.  But possibly our favorite source for the latest info on equestrian fitness needs comes from our friends at BioRider Fitness!

Regardless of your riding discipline or skill level, BioRider has professional advice to help you maximize your ride from the inside out!

Not sure where to start?  Check out this great article on Personal Training for Lower Level Riding Vs. Upper Level Riding to get you focusing on all the right stuff for your current needs!

Another one of my favorite tips from BioRider has to do with one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment, the BOSU Ball!   What’s a BOSU, you ask?  And how will THAT help me be a better rider, you skepticize?  Check out their awesome explanation in How Does the BOSU Ball Help a Horseback Rider to find out why the BOSU Ball Imageis an equestrian’s best friend!

These are only a few of our favorite tips from our favorite pros, and there is more where that came from!  Visit BioRider on Facebook, or visit them at home at for more exercises for equestrians!  Enjoy!

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