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It’s time  again to feature another Equine Athlete of the Month.  In December, we honored Leesha Davis and her horse, Smooth Gamling Trouble for their amazing story of overcoming a horrific accindent and learning what it takes to ride again. 

This month, in honor of the new year and setting new goals, we share a story about pursuing dreams no matter your age, and no matter your pace.  Sometimes, learning to ride, like so many other things in life, takes time, patience, and a willing teacher to guide you.  As we enter 2012, don’t forget that you are never too old to learn – or teach – new things, and that good things come to those who try.  Here is the story submitted by Lee Barnes from Wellington Florida about her riding buddy and Equine Athlete, Quito II: 

I had grown up with horses most of my life but like many, sold them when I went off to college.  Finally, after 20 years, I decided to start riding again.  But, as I eagerly started my new adventure, I was surprised to find that I was now a very timid adult! 

I began riding a privately owned horse name Quito II instead of the regular schooling horses, and an immediate bond formed between us.

Quito’s name around the barn is “The Professor” because he loves to teach!  I had never ridden a jumper before, and Quito was there to show me the ropes.  Before long we were competing in local shows, doing the small jumper classes.  

As my confidence began to grow, we moved up to the 3’6” jumpers, where we became the year end champions in our division in 2008.  Although we are no longer competing as frequently, Quito – who is now 18 years old – still saddles up to profess his knowledge to me 3 to 4 times a week. We’ve slowed down a little, don’t jump quite as high anymore, and focus a lot more on gentle hacking and trail rides, but Quito’s calm demeanor, patience, and willingness to overlook my silly mistakes continues to make him a champion in my book.

Although I do not own Quito, words cannot express how I feel for this horse and the truly special bond that exists between us.  He has taught me that we all have the confidence and heart to become champions with a little trust, patience, and encouragement from the right people (and horses) in our lives.  Thank you Quito.   

 –Lee Barnes and Quito, Wellington, Florida

Think your horse deserves to be the next Equus Athletics Equine Athlete of the Month?  We’d love to hear from you!  Tell us what makes your horse a one-of-a-kind- all-out- flat-out- hooves-to-the-wall- super-star in your eyes!  Simply put, we wanna hear why your horse ROCKS! 

Be sure to include a picture of your horse, his name, breed, age, and any other fun facts that make him special!  Please also include your mailing address, because if your story is chosen, Equus Athletics will be sending you your very own EquiStix equine sports massager, FREE! 

Ya, we think your horse is special too, and we think he deserves to feel as awesome as he acts!  So Common!  Click Here to enter your horse today!   

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