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During the month of November, Equus Athletics ran its first contest in our “Equine Athlete of the Month” series, asking readers why they were thankful for the horses in their lives.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a story; All of the stories we received were so special in their own ways!

This month, however, one story in particular really stood out.  It is an incredible story of strength and patience from both horse and rider, learning from each other how to be the partner the other needs as together they overcome a tragic accident.  Special thanks to Leesha Davis of Roseburg, OR for sharing her amazing story with Equus Athletics.  Here is her story:

“Smooth Gambling Trouble” is a nine-year-old APHA stallion.  Affectionately called Trouble, he is anything but.

Leesha Davis and "Trouble"

Trouble is my NFR hopeful and all around show horse.  I have owned him for all his nine years.  For his first six years I took care of him, but for the last three, he has taken care of me; in 2008, I was paralyzed from the neck down in a spring-board diving accident. 

By some miracle and after undergoing surgery incorporating plates and screws in my neck, I slowly began to move again.  Throughout my whole recovery, Trouble has been there. Never letting me go too fast, he always seemed to know my limitations, giving me looks that seemed to say “Are you sure you’re allowed to do that”?  He used to touch my neck brace every few minutes while we walked, as if to check on me.  Trouble was always there for me to lean on when I got tired, and he would even drag his feet to keep me from walking too fast, much to the dismay of others at the ranch!  

Now, three years later, I am again riding, and Trouble and I competed in our first barrel race back in the saddle in September!  I was so proud of him!  We were slow, but we loped the whole pattern and left all the barrels up!  The more nervous I got, the slower he went…

But soon again, we will fly.  

Leesha Davis and Trouble, Roseburg, OR

Think your horse deserves to be the next Equus Athletics Equine Athlete of the Month?  We’d love to hear from you! 

Maybe your horse helped you overcome your fear of falling, perhaps he is 20 and still going strong on the jumping circuit, or anything else that makes your horse a one-of-a-kind- all-out- flat-out- hooves-to-the-wall- super-star in your eyes!  Simply put, we wanna hear why your horse ROCKS! 

Be sure to include a picture of your horse, his name, breed, age, and any other fun facts that make him special!  Please also include your mailing address, because if your story is chosen, Equus Athletics will be sending you your very own EquiStix equine sports massager, FREE!  Ya, we think your horse is special too, and we think he deserves to feel as awesome as he acts!  So Common!  Click Here to enter your horse today!   

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  1. Thank you So much. I was so happy to find out Trouble was picked. I can’t wait to start using the Equistix on him. He will be so happy too, he loves is massage and chiro visits and now he will have massages all the time.

    Thank you again

  2. I am so proud of Leesha and what she has done. I remember the day of her accident really well. I just got done talking to her and then I got a call the next day and her mom telling me what happened. If anyone deserves this award its Leesha and Trouble. You go girl.

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