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As he slowly rolled EQUISTIX across Willie’s shoulders, Dr. Landau remarked that the “nubs seem to grab onto the tissue that needs to be worked and released” and we all smiled as Willie pressed into the massage and let out a slow sigh.

Dr. Kevin Landau, DVM of Landau Veterinary Services LLC, invited me to visit Carolyn and her horse Willie at a local barn.  Dr. Landau invited me by to show him EQUISTIX, and Willie was a willing participant in the demo.

Equine professionals tend to roll EQUISTIX slowly and deliberately over muscles, and I asked him about that. He replied that it’s about the feeling and feedback that he’s getting from the horse through EQUISTIX.

He went on to compare it to the difference between giving a massage without massage oil or with massage oil. Like massage oil, EQUISTIX facilitates that feedback, so we know which muscles are tight and when they are released.

Carolyn and Willie have been together for many years and her care for him is as solid as the love between them. The barn is a quintessential New England barn and is filled with long-time friends and their lucky horses.

Landau Veterinary Services is a holistic health care veterinary practice utilizing acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition and herbal remedies to treat dogs, cats and horses.

Best wishes to Carolyn, Willie and Dr. Landau, and Happy Trails from your friends at Equus Athletics, home of EQUISTIX, the Equine Sports Massage Tool.

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