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Equus Athletics presented an equine massage and EQUISTIX demonstration at last night’s meeting of the Camp Marshall Equestrian Team at the Worcester County 4-H Center in Spencer, MA. This team of motivated and impressive young women get together to hone their riding skills, with a strong emphasis on horsemanship and horse care.

Muscle Maintenance

Barbara spoke to the group about the importance of maintaining a horse’s muscle health, which is often overlooked. She pointed out that an average horse has around 600 pounds of muscle that get worked and stressed every day, especially when we ride. Muscle care is an important part of good horsekeeping. Barbara discussed steps that we, as horse owners, can take to keep our horse’s muscles healthy and comfortable.

Molly the Haflinger was a willing, and appreciative, participant in a hands-on demonstration of some basic massage techniques and the effective use of EQUISTIX. All the team members got a chance to practice some of these massage techniques on Molly.

After the demonstration, Equus Athletics donated an EQUISTIX to the Equestrian team and, as you can see from the picture, Molly gratefully accepted. We thank the team for inviting us to their meeting and applaud their attitude and approach to good horsemanship.

Remember, the Equine Affaire is less than a month away! Please stop by and visit us in booth 2916. Happy trails from your friends at Equus Athletics.

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