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I own multiple horses, and they all have benefited from the Equistix. One of my horses is extremely nervous, and I would have never thought I could get her to tolerate it, let alone enjoy it! Once she let me use it on her, she loved it! She was leaning into it and was really enjoying it. She had a tight spot at the base of her neck- it was a cold day and she gets tight muscles at times. I got the right area out by going back and forth and it made a huge difference! She was much more supple the next day. I would recommend the Equistix to everyone- it has made a large difference in all of my horses! It is similar to that of a roller that an athlete would use on themselves, but since it has individual rollers, I found it works better because it can curve around the muscle to a certain point, making it easier to use. It is an amazing tool!!

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