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Learn how to massage your horse with EQUISTIX® – free gift with EQUISTIX® purchase at SmartPak Retail Store on Saturday, July 28th.

SmartPak’s retail store has DOUBLED the size of their Western department and is celebrating with a fun filled weekend of sales, free giveaways and raffles for a Circle Y saddle and more!!! Be sure to stop by.

We’ll be at the SmartPak store’s Western Expansion Event for EQUISTIX® demonstrations on Saturday, July 28 from 11am to 3pm.

Muscle Care

Have you thought about your horse’s skeletal muscles lately? Your horse has over 700 of them. A primary function of skeletal muscles is to create movement, yet, we may overlook preparing those strong muscles for exercise.

You’ll find EQUISTIX® to be a user-friendly, self-help Equine Massage Tool. With it’s gentle rolling massage technique, you’ll invigorate muscles with fresh, oxygen-rich blood helping to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Greg Gage, LMT, ESMT and founder of ThersageEMC

EQUISTIX® is the leading massage tool for performance horses

EQUISTIX® is a professional quality Equine Sports Massage Therapy Tool (ESMT). It’s recommended and used by certified equine massage therapists. chiropractors and veterinarians. Click HERE to see a video of Greg Gage, LMT/ESMT, introduce EQUISTIX® to Stretch.

A gentle rolling massage is something that you can learn to do for your own horse; anytime, anywhere. Taking care of your horse’s muscles has never been easier. With EQUISTIX®, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively warm-up muscles before a competition and then cool them down after a ride.

It’s fun to use, easy to use, and you and your horse will love it!

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