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Betty and I first met at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts in 2017.  She was looking for something to help her young, rapidly growing horse and had seen EQUISTIX® hanging at the Crop & Carrot Tack Shop. It intrigued her as a tool for an easy way to massage her horse so she got one for herself, well for her horse.

Betty lining cropped

Betty is the Sales Coordinator for Absorbine® and we met up again a couple of months later while working at an event at the Crop and Carrot. We talked about horses and became fast friends. Encounters with other horse lovers often lead to friendships that last for years. Have you noticed that? It’s one of the hidden treasures to having a horse in your life.

Betty told me about the driving training she was doing with her horse. I mentioned how much I had enjoyed long lining with my horses years prior, but that I had fallen (pardon the pun) out of practice with it.  She immediately offered to help me with a refresher and invited me to her barn to work with her horse named Vinnie. I took her up on the offer and set a date.

I liked Vinnie instantly. He’s a horse with a smart, kind and open demeanor and a bright, curious eye. I like his name, too. I have a husband of 37 years named Vinnie and I’d describe him much the same way!

When we went back to the barn after the training session, it seemed I could hear Vinnie asking Betty, “Would you roll-out my back, please?” Betty uses EQUISTIX to warm up and cool down after their workouts.  He’s a bit mischievous and likes to take EQUISTIX out of her hands and hold it up to her in his teeth.

Although Vinnie is still a baby at only two-years-old, there’s a bond of trust and friendship between the two of them that’s deep and ten times his age.

It turns out he’s not only quick to learn with his own training, he’s a rock star when it comes to teaching humans. He was patient with me when I gave him mixed signals and tangled the lines around my legs.

Thank you Betty and Vinnie. Thanks to you I’m back long lining with my mare and plan to try it out this fall with our hew horse.

Here’s to both of you and to all of the friends we’ve made in our lives because of the horses in our lives.

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