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During a brief moment of sunshine in our abnormally rainy spring here in New England, Maeve and I went for a nice ride on the local trails. This time I took our young dog, Sonny, along for the ride. We are working at turning him into a good trail partner. Since he was a pup, we have worked on developing a solid recall, and he’s made great progress. Now we are working on his habits on the trail and around the horses.

Sonny and Maeve have developed a cautious friendship. They obviously enjoy each other’s company, but don’t yet trust each other’s motives. Sonny has learned to read many of Maeve’s warning signals. He backs off quickly when Maeve gives him the ears. However, it’s still difficult to convince him that sniffing her legs is not a good idea. We’ll keep working on that.

Out on the trail, Sonny is most comfortable taking the lead. I can feel Maeve relax when he’s on point. As much as she likes to explore, it’s sometimes comforting not being the nose out front.

They’re still unsure when they get side by side. If you look closely, you can see a bit of aprehension on both their faces.

On the way back to the barn, Sonny came flying out of the bushes, spooking both Maeve and himself…another behavior we’re working on.

The cool down

After the workout, I gave Maeve a once-over with EQUISTIX. Judging by her expression, she really enjoyed it. Because of Maeve’s build, the large muscles in her neck sometimes get knotted. EQUISTIX really helps to give her comfort and relief from sore muscles.

EQUISTIX is a professional quality equine sports massage tool that is safe, easy to use and affordable

Use it at the barn, at the show grounds and even out on the trails to help your horse get back on track this busy riding season

EQUISTIX is used by:
   Horse Owners & Riders
   Equine Massage Therapists
   Equine Chiropractors

The soft, gel-like rollers and 29” length extend your reach and strength to massage away knots and stiffness before and after a workout

EQUISTIX aids in circulation and can release endorphins to bring about a calm state of mind — Horses love it!

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