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Please join us in welcoming Sunn-Hest in Norway as our newest EQUISTIX® equine sports massage tool retailer.

Sunn-Hest, which means Healthy Horse, is an online equine health store located in Grinder, Norway. They offer a wide variety of natural and innovative products that support an integrated approach to horse health care. Sunn-Hest owner, Renata Monie is constantly searching for new knowledge and better methods of treating horses, which is how she found EQUISTIX®.

See EQUISTIX® on their website HERE

Contact Sunn-Hest at:
Soltun gård, 2264 Grinder, NO
Tel  0047 93607896
Email: [email protected]

EQUISTIX® is an Equine Sports Massage Therapy Tool (ESMT) designed for horses and is used by horse owners and riders, equine massage therapists, equine chiropractors and veterinarians.

Happy Trails from your friends at Equus Athletics and EQUISTIX® Equine Sports Massage Therapy Tool.

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