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There’s nothing like an old New England barn for comfort. The wide wooden floors, large hay lofts, run-in stalls and the soft, muted light streaming in through the high windows, setting a calm mood. Although it was cold the day I visited, it was cozy in Valerie’s barn, listening to the horses and a mini munching away.

Valerie enjoys riding her horses on trails of all kinds.  I met Valerie and her horse Nick at a trail ride this fall. She invited me to come by to meet her other horses and massage her older Morgan mare, Kate, who is approaching 35 and still takes Valerie for spirited trail rides.

The pictures show Rosa enjoying an EQUISTIX massage. Rosa is a trusting and sweet smokey buckskin Morgan.

Thank you, Valerie, for inviting me into your barn. It was a real pleasure to meet your horses. Happy trails from your friends at Equus Athletics, home of the original EQUISTIX®.

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