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Sho and Anne had just returned from a trail ride when we met up with them on a very hot and humid afternoon.  Anne cherishes every ride and every minute with him. Sho is two years out from sinking founder and Anne cares for him tirelessly. With help and support from her husband and good friends, she was able to bring him back to health. She utilized many avenues of treatment including diet, chiropractic, Chinese herbal formulas, acupuncture as well as “Soft Ride” comfort boots and massage.

He’s just so beautiful and radiates a sense of peace and calm.  Anne started using EQUISTIX over a year ago after it was suggested to her by her equine chiropractor. She finds it fun to use, which motivates her to keep up his routine between visits.

The extended reach of EQUISTIX allows her to cover more surface area in a session than using her hands only. It’s easier for her to work the large dense muscles with EQUISTIX and using it has given her an education on horse muscles and how they interact.  Plus, she says it’s great during shedding season!  That’s an added benefit with that Haflinger coat.

To Anne and Sho, many Happy Trails ahead from your friends at Equus Athletics and EQUISTIX Equine Sports Massage Therapy Tool.

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