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When veterinarian, Michal Strzalkowski of Warsaw Poland, began moving toward natural treatments for his equine patients, he searched the internet for news about equine wellness and found EQUISTIX.  He watched the EQUISTIX videos on our website, and after seeing the horses’ reactions to the massage, decided to order one.

Michal told us about one of his special patients, Robin Hood, a Shire gelding weighing in at 1,200 kilos.  That’s 2,600 pounds! At first Robin was reluctant and unsure about EQUISTIX, but with patience, Michal says, they “signed an agreement and …. he loved it!”

Michal finds that an EQUISTIX massage relaxes horses and now uses it as part of an integrated approach to horse health care that also includes equine acupuncture and stress point therapy. He sees EQUISTIX as a tool for daily use and thinks that it is particularly helpful to horse owners as a tool for maintenance massage between visits.

We thank Michal for sending us pictures of his special patient, Robin Hood.  And doesn’t Robin look impressive in his tack.

Best wishes to Michal and Happy Trails from your friends at Equus Athletics and EQUISTIX Equine Sports Massage Therapy Tool.

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